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Here's a list of all the services included in our Standard Labor Package below.

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 These add-ons are also designed to let you try the benefits of our various services without obligation

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+ birth planning sessions


+Prenatal yoga

+Placenta Encapsulation



1. Prenatal visits 

Doula Caroline with a glowing new mom-to-be at her baby shower.&nbsp;

Doula Caroline with a glowing new mom-to-be at her baby shower. 

Unlimited Prenatal Phone & Email Support immediately after booking our care.  We can talk openly about anything to do with pregnancy birth and newborns that’s been on your mind at any time of day. Spend lots of precious hours on Google…. OR text your Doula. (Hang out on our YouTube Channel right here for an example!)

TWO prenatal sessions, 1-2 hours long each in the comfort of your own home. Here, we do:

Birth Planning

+ one-on-one mini Childbirth Education sessions (see Full class series)

+ live demonstrations and practice sessions on best labor positions and relaxation techniques 

+ we stock you with tons of evidence-based resources you can use on your own. (sample: Free Practical Postpartum Planner)

+ clear tips on how to effectively communicate and understand your care provider. (or choose a good fit for you)

                                                                                              + Access to the Birth Prep Doulas Lending Library 

  2. Labor support

Doula Erin giving hands-on support during labor.

Doula Erin giving hands-on support during labor.

24/7 on-call, in-person and hands-on support for Labor & Birth, starting up to 3 weeks before your Estimated Due Date. Once in labor, Birth Prep Doulas do NOT change shifts! You receive uninterrupted care.

Access to Birth Prep Doulas labor equipment - Birthing ball, TENS unit, hot and cold packs, rebozo, aromatherapy oils, candles, fans, relaxation music, affirmations and special requests.

A FREE newborn mini-session with the talented Meggan Harper Photography.

Immediate Postpartum & breastfeeding Support (up to about 1-2 hours after birth). Ensuring great bonding and initiating breastfeeding, we do not leave until you are fully equipped for the healthiest start possible for you and your new little family member.

3. Postpartum visits


1 Postpartum Support session, 1-2 hours long. In this visit, we can provide help with feeding and newborn care if needed. We talk about how you, as a new Mom, are doing physically and emotionally, and see if there is any additional support we can offer or refer you to the right resources.


Continued Breastfeeding & Early Parenting Support. Our care does not vanish as soon as you’ve met your little one!

We are available for guidance including referrals to other locally acclaimed postpartum and pediatric providers and connections to reliable early parenting support groups either locally meeting or on social media like Facebook.

*Discounts for each {additional service} you choose us to provide for your family. 

**Additional Postpartum Doula support, including Placenta Encapsulation is available through us. To learn more, follow the links above.* Or just ask us for details, all questions are valid questions! 

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