postpartum planning


Our support does not end after you give birth! You've planned for the birth, why not plan for postpartum?

Why a Doula, not a nanny?

There is always something to be thankful for..png

A professional postpartum Doula is trained specifically on a new mother's immediate recovery and newborn/ infant care needs in the period right after birth.

She can help make the family's transition smoother, by easing new baby stressors, new mom anxiety, family overwhelment and the adjustment period confusion. 
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some postpartum doula care benefits you get: 

+ Specific, practical newborn care tips 

+ Meal planning (including snack prep) and grocery shopping planning

+ Breastfeeding/ bottle/ pumping set-up and support (watch a quick Breastfeeding 101 video on our YouTube Channel here)

+ Light housekeeping and living space maintenance

+ A break and some much needed rest for yourself and your family

+ BONUS: Unlimited postpartum Q and A with an expert all to yourself! 

Ask questions about your own adjustment progress and your baby's = receive the evidence-based, no-judgement support that fits you. 

You receive these tried-and-true tools that work well and will stay with you and your family long after postpartum!

And more! How can we serve you?

Value: from $100 - $300 {starter package}

*25% off 1st session for all Birth Prep Doulas Labor services clients. That makes the Starter Package a good sampler*

Book a 1 hour consultation to assess your needs. It's FREE.



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P.S: you get $1 off per hour for every additional week (5 days) that you book.

We’ve been there. A newborn adds to the financial demands of a family and for that reason, the longer you need support, the deeper the discount we offer as a relief to your family.*


What does that look like?

You choose! Below are your FOUR customizable options:

1. the welcome home baby plan: 

+ 3 days, 4 hours each {Starter Package}:

Postpartum Doula care and support to assist during daytime adjustment to new baby. You'll receive meal planning and prep assistance, light housekeeping, help with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping (set up, prepare milk, sanitize bottles, storage etc). A much needed breather where your Doula can mind the baby while you shower, nap, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while it’s still hot for crying out loud (pun intended!). Or you can just do absolutely nothing, for the sake of your sanity (which is perfectly ok and highly recommended. You’ve earned it, you’ve just been through a marathon) The ideal solution to your most your most overwhelming days!


+ 2 overnights, 8 hours each: 

Overnights are perfect for the first few days home with baby to ease the transition period. The new mom may be exhausted, or it may be more difficult to move in and out of bed due to soreness or after c-section. A Doula staying overnight can either hand you baby to nurse or she can feed them when they cry, burp them and soothe them back to sleep so you can catch up on your much needed rest for recovery.


+ 1 week:

This plan can be arranged as 1 week worth of care (3 days, 2 nights) 


*A “Week” is considered to be 5 days to ensure a rested and enthusiastic Doula. The days do not have to be consecutive or fall on the same calendar week, but can be spread out and adjusted.

** Client-preffered shifts (longer days, shorter nights or mix and match) are available.


2. The Self-care Plan (2 weeks): 

Perfect for the client who just needs some self-care time; a break, some rest and relaxation, a time out and chores or errands caught up. Spread out your Postpartum Doula Care package over 2 weeks to give you ample time and space to take care of yourself for full healthy recovery. 

3. The Recharge Plan (3 weeks): 

When the first hectic couple of weeks just isn't enough to recharge your energy for your newly expanded family! Ideal for families with an adjusting older sibling, multiple children or other challenges. 

4. The Smooth-transition Plan (1 month): 

Many families find the initial weeks after the arrival of a baby to be particularly challenging. This especially hits home if your partner has to return to regular work hours shortly after arrival of the new baby.  Postpartum Doulas are trained to help families navigate the process so that they can make efficient plans that work for long after the postpartum period and ensure healthy adjustments that are best suited for everyone

When it comes to your family, you can't go wrong with well thought out prior planning!


I make myself available to give postpartum support to you for up to 8 weeks after birth. *Scheduling can be done as soon as you feel ready after the birth of your baby or after you go home.

**However, placing a deposit for postpartum support before your birth, to secure a priority in our schedule, is recommended.



Make your plan



Birth Prep Doulas are always striving to make our support to you as comprehensive as possible. Our goal is to make it easy to find the care your family needs and deserves, all in one place!

Welcome to Motherhood and at your service,

Your Doula, Caroline.