Why I do what I Do-ula: Caroline's story

I've been asked "So, you're an expert on birth?"

I believe the woman is an expert at her own birth.

Having worked around medical professionals myself, I have a deep respect for Doctors, OB/GYNs, Midwives, Nurses, Doulas and all other trained specialists. We need them. Access to expert care and skill is a gift to mother's, baby's and to us all.

However, no matter her choice in care, the woman's maternity is her own.

There have been thousands upon thousands of pregnancies and births before yours.

Yet you know your own personal journey in intimate ways that set it apart from any other. It's all been done before, yes, but like you know in your heart, this is your time. Whether a first time mom, or a seventh time mom, you instinctively feel that it is this special baby's time to be nurtured.

This is the nesting instinct. That should be honored. The wishes, plans and dreams that carry on from that first bonding between you and your baby growing within, through to those precious first days when you are finally cradling them in your arms.

You alone know what it was like when she or he started fluttering within you. You alone feel those playful kicks in the middle of the night.The grateful somersaults right as soon as you start slurping down that drink or munching on that snack you're craving the most. The tiny hiccups that follow... bubbling in your belly. The fears and the hopes.

You already know and understand your baby in a way no one else can.

Your baby knows no one else but you.

You both have never journeyed this particular adventure before and for this, you deserve to be upheld.

To be celebrated. And pampered of course!

Most importantly, you deserve to be trusted.


There's a quirky saying I love: "Every baby comes on their birthday." Well, duh right?

Every baby comes in their own style.

Having two of my own and I can say, I'm the same momma but oh, what different birth stories!

You do not do this alone. Your baby is your destined partner on this beginning adventure.


I believe your baby knows how to be born. I believe your body knows how to birth your baby.

I believe you and your baby are experts at this birth.

I just want this height of confidence and faith and self-worth for every woman.

An experience that overflows into the rest of life and enhances the transformation of motherhood.

Happy mom, happy baby.

I focus on helping you be assured of your well-being and that of your baby. I want to affirm you, as an advocate for your wishes. To offer guidance as needed. I work to keep your birthing space respected. To aid in your comfort.

Then you can ease into coming unto your own as a mother.

Your baby in their own unique way, will come into this world to find a mom that meets them in an authentic way and able nesting arms.

As your baby is born, so are you as a mother, born.