Labor Day: weekend VS Labor Day: baby

Summertimes last big event is upon us. Labor day weekend is here and that means one of two things: Party! – or Boooo!

Goodbye sunshine, hello wind with leaves in it... means different things to different people. Adios vacation fun vs long-time-no-see-you Mr. homework…

Ah, but I bet you didn’t think about how similar Labor Day Weekend might be to the other Labor day. We’ll call it Labor Day: Baby.

Well, let’s explore.

Planning a Labor Day: weekend vs planning for Labor Day: baby

1. Is it gonna be Party! or Boooo...? (or even Boo! as in, Halloween is around the corner and who knows what else?)

As a mom myself, and a Doula, I say always go with Party! Could be life without babies is ending for you, and your family or you’re gonna have that one extra tush to clean now. But how about celebrate the arrival of a precious new mini human into your life by actually celebrating on their literal birthday? You, mom, deserve to celebrate yourself for 9 months worth of strength and patience and the incredible milestone of birthing your baby. Dads know babies are to be celebrated but, hey dads, mom’s deserve to be celebrated too!

2. Location, location, location.

Are you going to have a Labor day weekend party at your house, go to a friend’s house or forget houses and getaway? This choice determines a lot of things, a big one being, your budget.

As for Labor Day: baby, the options affect a lot of things! Hospital? Birthing Center? Home? How’s your budget? What’s more comfortable for you? Where do you feel safest? What matters most to you? Luckily for mom’s, babies give us 9 months to figure out where they are going to make their grand entrance. If this decision is making you feel clueless, Doula’s are a great resource on picking a birthing location and provider. At the end of the day, it’s your choice, we’re happy to stand by your side with information as you map it.

3. Invites:

How many people are invited to this party anyway? Are you a full house person or are you more private? Just like having a house party is different than going on a getaway, your birthing location of choice determines the number of faces you will encounter on your big day. Great news is that, you can decide some details of this in your birth plan. Even greater news: DOULAS DO NOT CHANGE SHIFTS! Nurses and Doctors at hospitals and Birthing Centers my change shifts, heck, even family in the room may need a breather. This means that no matter how much the faces change through your day, there is always one constant on your team.

4. Food and beverages:

Let’s admit it, when I say Labor Day weekend, you say food! Labor Day....

How about Labor Day: baby? This is one of the most commonly asked questions about labor. Can I eat? A lot of factors go into this. Your medical provider/ midwife will give the best answer. Most unmedicated birth professional actually encourage the laboring woman to snack and drink to keep up her energy and stay hydrated. Hey, it called labor for a reason. Hospitals have different policies about this and other things factor in, for example your chances of having a C-section. Eating too close to surgery poses a risk of aspiration. If allowed, Doulas always bring easy to consume snacks along for mom and other people in the room because, well, the munchies happen. What a great thing to bring up as you plan your birthing day though! Hey, what about food?

5. Entertainment and decorations:

Why red, white and blue of course! Labor Day: weekend is covered.

Labor Day: baby however is a lot more nuanced than that. Home births and Birthing Center allow a lot more flexibility on you decorating your room to feel special to you. Candles (never real ones), personal bedding and pillows, music (dance party anyone? No? How about relaxation music to set the mood) aromatherapy, birth affirmation cards, you name it. It is your space. Nothing to encourage you to keep going at your labor than your baby’s little first outfit hanging in sight.

A fellow Doula of mine once said to a client, 'we’ll set it up like a spa day in there.' I say a really intense spa day but, yes please! Also, did you know that you do not have to labor in a hospital gown in most hospitals? So go ahead, pack that pretty comfy gown from home.

And why not? It’s your baby’s birthday and your birthing day.

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all!

And to all the mom’s getting ready for Labor Day: baby, I wish you a Happy Birthing Day!