Placenta Preparation

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION {In-home service} ***(On Hold)***

“What if someone told you that they made a single supplement that could:

+ prevent postpartum depression,

+ made sure you had enough breast milk for your new baby,

+ hurried you along the post-birth healing process,

+ gave you plenty of energy,

+ built back your blood supply and iron count,

+ and gave you and your baby just the right nutritional and hormonal support for the first month after birth?

Would you be interested?

Well, nearly every new mother can have the opportunity to experience a great postpartum, by using one simple resource.


(Source: The Natural Healing Power of the Placenta)

Your amazing placenta naturally contains: Selenium, Iron, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Pyridoxine, Oxytocin (the love hormone), Progesterone, Relaxin, Prolactin (necessary for breastmilk production), Endorphins, Thyroid-releasing hormones, CRH (which regulates the stress hormone cortisol)

A sneak peek of the final part of the process - bonus points for leaving your kitchen cleaner than I found it!

The science is that, your placenta already contains all the hormones and nutrients typically lost during birth! Placenta pills simply replenish these nutrients back to your body boosting your postpartum recovery and overall balance as a new mom.

>>Read an evidence-based study on the effects and safety of Placenta ingestion>>:

Placenta Research

It's really not all that weird once you start to understand the indispensable benefits to taking all natural, neat little happy pills, with minimal to no side-effects!

Value: $225

*(package discounts apply)



So, how exactly do we turn the placenta into neat little happy pills??

So glad you asked!

So glad you asked!

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- The whole encapsulation process takes place in the safety and comfort of your own home.

- It's completed over 2 visits, each visit lasting 1-2 hours.

- I bring all of my own supplies/equipment and clean up thoroughly before and afterwards.

- I use the Traditional method only (steamed not Raw – feel free to ask me why!), which loosely follows Chinese medicine and is described below.

Day 1: The placenta is cleaned, examined, steamed and prepared for dehydration. I will need use of your sink and a very small section of counter space. I will leave my dehydrating equipment plugged in on your counter top overnight.

Day 2: I will complete the process by grinding the dehydrated placenta into powder form and encapsulating. You will receive written instructions for storage, handling and guidelines for taking you capsules. I will answer any further questions that you have.

Note: There is no guarantee as to how many capsules your placenta will yield. You can expect between 60-250 capsules. The amount of capsules varies, as does the size of the placenta.


1. You can safely freeze your whole placenta for up to 1 year. Yes! 

Some mother’s choose to freeze their placenta as they are not 100 percent sold on the benefits of placenta encapsulation or prefer to have it encapsulated later. This is a risk-free choice with nothing to lose as it is perfectly acceptable to change your mind and it is safe to save your placenta to be prepared up to 1 year later.

2. Placenta capsules once processed can keep in the refrigerator or freezer for 6-12 months to be safely consumed later on or as needed in the postpartum journey and with similar benefits! 

+ Something to consider if you are still on the fence. Feel free to ask me for detailed collection, transportation and storage instructions (safety first always). 

A sneak peek of the final part of the process. Bonus: I aim to leave your kitchen cleaner than I found it while you enjoy bonding with your brand new baby!

A sneak peek of the final part of the process. Bonus: I aim to leave your kitchen cleaner than I found it while you enjoy bonding with your brand new baby!

"Caroline 'the healthwise' Doula, our Placenta Encapsulation specialist is certified in OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030 and holds SafeStaff Food handler certification. This sets safety and hygiene precautions that must be taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Safety first always."

AND, Why do we do it in your home?

As part of our excellent service to you as Birth Prep Doulas, we hold self-imposed standards regarding your health and safety. As professionals we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. 

  • Your satisfaction is our priority: Although certain regulations allow for the use of any workspace as long as it meets OSHA standards, we guarantee that we are meeting this standard by completing the process right on your space. You will be able to see for yourself our dedication to hygienic standards.

  • We value your peace of mind: We recommend you are responsible for the transport of your own placenta. We process and encapsulate placentas in your home. This ensures there is no risk of cross-contamination with other placentas, or food products.  You also have a chance to get first hand knowledge of the process if interested. This also gives you a chance to receive encouragement and ask any questions regarding postpartum support.

  • We make it easy and convenient: We provide you with a transport kit adhering with the World Health Organization's Guidelines for the Safe Transport of Infectious Substances and Diagnostic Specimens, page 11-Local Surface Transport, complete with instructions. Birth Prep Doulas attending your birth will be happy to do the packing for you. 

  • We respect your property: All the equipment we use is our own that our Placenta Encapsulation specialist brings along and takes with or disposes accordingly. This includes some sterile objects that are used only once, specifically for you. We only need a small area of your kitchen which we clean and disinfect thoroughly before and after the process.

  • We know postpartum waits for no-one: At any time of your convenience, our Placenta Encapsulation specialist will come to your home and get straight to work on your supplements. We respect your privacy and because of this, we offer you the option of having us start the process before you are discharged, in the presence of another family member. We also offer early-bird and night-owl hours if you would rather not be involved in the process, and to leave your day hours free for resting, bonding with baby and visitors.

We know the postpartum period comes with a slew of it's own uncertainties. We guarantee your Placenta Encapsulation will not be one.

Placentas sustain, bond and nourish.

Placentas save Postpartum!

Would you like to explore more about the benefits and science behind this life giving organ? 




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Placenta Prep!


Limitations and Disclaimer:

The Placenta Specialist is not a licensed medical professional and is not able to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any health condition. Services and fees are for the preparation and encapsulation of your placenta, not for the sale of the pills. The encapsulated placenta is intended for ingestion only by the mother that birthed it. Some of the ascribed benefits of placenta consumption are supported by research; however these benefits have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is your responsibility to determine whether using placenta preparations may be of benefit to you. Results may vary.