Wherever you are, Be all there

I bought a shirt the other day that says, "Wherever you are, Be all there". It serves as such a great reminder for us to live and breathe in each present moment so we don't miss out on what truly is happening. It really isn't just in the physical sense of the statement. In fact, that part is pretty easy. We show up for work, show up for lunch, a movie, or even a hospital- our body is there, but where are our heads? Have you ever engaged in a conversation with someone to realize that when it is over, all you thought about was if you fed your dog or not? You missed out on what may have been something you needed to hear, something someone wanted you to hear....an experience. 

We need to remind ourselves to invest in every moment emotionally as well. We often don't want to because sometimes what we are feeling is scary or sad. Maybe we think that by feeling it- it will hinder our ability to be happy. If we don't experience these emotions as they arise and be all there with everything that we are, we're losing something. We're missing the point. Also, there is a pretty good chance that whatever we are suppressing will come back with vengeance in the most inopportune time.

In labor, a woman may experience the most intense feelings of her lifetime. She has no choice but to be all there. Natural instincts buried deep within our body, deep within our genes, deep within our ancestors past all come to surface. If we don't invest in that moment, we are missing out on the grandeur miracle of life. Just as fast as the surges of labor move through a laboring mama, she comes closer to reaching the highest state of euphoria. There is no moving around it, only through it. No light without dark, no joy without pain. 

So feel it. Feel it all. Soak in it. Laugh, scream, cry, dance, curl up in a little ball and hold yourself tight, just be all there.