~When you truly want to retain and be able to practically apply your


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face-to-face, one-on-one, hands-on is the best way to do it ~

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We offer to teach you and your partner our Childbirth Education curriculum in the comfort of your own home. This course is in depth and comprehensive and would run up to 9 hours if every single topic and exercise was discussed and covered.

We break it down into a series we call Birth Prep 4-1-1.

 2 sessions, 3 - 4 hours each, that we customize to your needs and interests.

How? easy as 1,2,3...

1. Save your spot on our monthly calendar for your Childbirth Education in-home study sessions by placing a $30 deposit below. 

~ Deposit is non-refundable. Total class value is $80 per couple per session. *Birth Prep Doulas labor clients automatically get 25% off*  Available class days: Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday | Sunday | 8am - 4pm. Spots are limited per month ~

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2. In your email, you will receive an e-form with a list of the main topics included in our curriculum and asked to select the ones that are most relevant to you using an easy 1-5 scale. 

3. Once you submit that e-form, it will be used it to prepare a curriculum customized to your story and your vision and preferences for your birth. This means that you get an in depth education but we spend more time where it applies to you, leaving you feeling as fully equipped, capable and with as many questions that you have, answered as possible. 

It's that simple AND customized! 

*To sample some topics covered in Childbirth Education Classes, visit our YouTube Channel, Birth Prep 4-1-1!

(our home-study sessions are an excellent complimentary addition to any regular childbirth education class)

You may benefit from opting to take private Childbirth Education if...

+ you do not have entire weekends to spare sitting in all-day long classes

+ you would rather learn only what you need and are interested in, to feel fully prepared

+ you would like to go more in depth without the time limitations of a group setting

+ you would like adequate space and privacy to practice coping techniques and comfort measures you learn

+ you would like continued personal contact with your educator for guidance along the rest of pregnancy, after your classes

Caroline 'the Healthwise' Doula is a ProDoula Certified Childbirth Educator and goes by the title PDCBE.*

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Why do I teach private Childbirth Education?

Well, my aim is not just to go through a curriculum or a set of powerpoint slides by the book. My end goal that makes me leave each session with a smile that you are satisfied and feel prepared is that we focus on you as the case scenario.

You get tons of handy resources (like our Free printable 13 page journal-style booklet, the Practical Postpartum Planner - did you download yours yet? ) for your continued learning, access to the Birth Prep Doulas Lending Library, evidence-based information, local protocols, updates and statistics that you will understand and be able to put to use for your benefit and informed choice.

The pace of my one-on-one classes flows naturally as I keep the discussions to the point and relevant to your setting. Most topics are accompanied by hands on, real life practice and positive birth stories so that when you graduate the Birth Prep 4-1-1 course, you are 100% ready to apply this knowledge and new skills to your birth! 


What topics are covered? 

EXAMPLES: + Birth partner communication

+ Birth planning basics plus informed decision making

+ P.A.I.N and F.E.A.R

+ Breathing and relaxation

+ Anatomy, interventions, common and uncommon pregnancy issues plus remedies

+ Nutrition, weight and exercise

+ Medical terms plus effective communication with your provider

+ The 3 stages of labor plus coping techniques

+ Hormones, emotions and birth

+ Welcoming baby + Many more!